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Pergolas for Outdoor Spaces

What is a pergola?

Essentially, pergolas are peri-like structures with a roof and open sides typically built against a wall, fence, or placed on a patio. They can also be freestanding so you can stand them anywhere that works best in your space.
Pergolas offer shade from the sun’s rays during the summer months and they enable you to grow vines on them for decoration.
Pergolas can be created in any shape and size and they come in many different materials (wood, metal, brick, stone, etc). They are designed to provide an aesthetically pleasing structure that can be enjoyed by all members of your home. Pergolas are the perfect replacement for large gazebos to cover seating areas on patios or in the backyard garden.

Add style and function to your space

Pergolas are beautiful structures that offer shade in your backyard space. During the summer months pergola’s enable you to grow vines or other climbing plants on them which not only serve as a decoration but they offer additional shade to those below the pergola.
In addition, pergolas provide a great space for entertaining friends and family on the patio due to their design which allows for an enhanced flow of people from one part of the pergola to another.
Pergolas are not only aesthetically pleasing with their sleek and modern design, but also serve a functional purpose. They are perfect for areas that have no shade because pergolas provide shade during the summer months when it is most needed. In the fall, winter, and spring months, they can provide coverage in all types of weather like rain, snow, and wind. Many pergolas also have spaces designed to be used as sitting places which provide comfort, an area to relax or even sleep if you so choose.
Pergolas can come in many shapes, sizes, and styles. For example, pergolas can be built in the form of an arch, they can come in rounded or square designs with straight sides. A new pergola can be designed to wrap around corners. They can be made out of a variety of materials like wood or metal.
Adding pergolas to your outdoor space allows you to create new areas for relaxing, entertaining, or growing vines. They add a degree of privacy too if you don’t have a fenced in yard or have close neighbors. 

How much do standard pergolas cost?

Cost varies from pergola to pergola depending on the design and materials used to make it. For instance, pergolas can be made from wood which is an inexpensive material. Metal pergolas or brick structures tend to be more expensive.
The pergolas costs also vary based upon their size and whether or not you want them pre-made or you want to have one custom made per your specifications. Check with one of our professionals to get an accurate price on your new pergola!

How do I install a pergola?

Installing pergolas is relatively simple depending on the complexity of the design. First, depending on how elaborate the pergola design is you will need to figure out where it needs to be installed. Typically pergolas are built against a wall or fence which provides the necessary stability for the pergola. Once you have determined where the pergola needs to be built, installation will either include having brick or stone laid along the pergola brackets that hook into the wall of your choice, or if you are building it against a fence you can then simply attach pre-made pergola brackets to the pergola structure.
Don’t want to visit the hardware store to build your own pergola? 

Our team of design experts can give you advice on styles and ensure it is installed correctly. We also provide repair and maintenance services!

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A pergola is a great addition to your outdoor space. They can be used as a way of creating shade or protection from rain, wind, and snow while also adding aesthetic value with the use of vines on the side panels.
Pergolas have been around for centuries, but recently they’ve become popular again because people are looking at modern ways to create more green spaces in their homes that offer both beauty and functionality. If you want to add an element of nature into your yard without having it take up too much room, consider installing a pergola-style structure over some existing plants.

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