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Paver Installation and Maintenance

Looking to repave your drive, pathway, outdoor living space, or terrace? Well, you’ve come to the right place. Today we’ll be talking you through some of the best paving bricks and designs out there right now. There is such a wide variety of materials and patterns to choose from, so grab a coffee, have a read, and pick your favorite! 

Five Star Brick Pavers works with a variety of paver suppliers and manufacturers. We have a large selection available to choose from.  Click on the links below for more detail on the options and colors available. When you’re ready to start your project (or if you need help deciding), call Five Star Pavers at 941-377-0960!

Clay Brick Pavers

Clay Brick Pavers are designed for ground cover and traffic. They can withstand severe weather condition and temperature and can be purchased in many different colors and finishes. Though clay brick pavers are sometimes vulnerable to erosion, the benefit of this paver is that individual bricks are easily replaced.

Interlocking Brick Pavers

Interlocking brick pavers are only 2 3/8″ thick and are often used in place of concrete and asphalt paving. They have a compressive strength of over 8000 pounds per square inch.  Surfaces such as flagstone, concrete and wood absorb large amounts of water and can often crack and mildew. Interlocking pavers provide a seamless look and are much more pleasing to the eye, providing aesthetic value to your home. Furthermore, the design options give landscapers, contractors and homeowners a wide variety of shapes, patterns and colors to choose from.

Permeable Pavers

Permeable Pavers have a solid surface but allow natural drainage and migration of water to drain through the spaces between the pavers. Permeable pavers manage stormwater, reduce runoff, and flooding. Commercial permeable pavers reduce urban flood risk and keep communities, businesses, and infrastructure safe during difficult weather conditions. 

Permeable paving is different that Pervious paving or Porous pavement, because of the way rainwater passes around the pavers rather than through them. 

Antique Pavers

Antique pavers are produced for over a million years by nature. Antique pavers are man-made and although they look hundreds of years old, they’re not. Special machines are designed to produce the antique-tumbled look.  Rather, antique pavers are clay, brick, or natural stone pavers that have been produced to mimic the look and texture of authentic, old-school, paver slabs. These raw materials will be processed to give them a worn, ‘antique’ look. Perfect for a cottage garden or classic home.

Flagstone Pavers

Flagstone is a natural stone that is cut to form a shallow flat slab, giving them a rustic appearance. Typically composed of slate, travertine, limestone, sandstone, or bluestone construction, they are thin, smooth, versatile, and can make an excellent pavement material. They can be cut into your standard rectangular paver or custom shaped which makes flagstone pavers a good option for your patios, walkways, pool decks, and stepping stone. 

Slate Pavers

Known for its distinctive layered composition, slate is made of thin sheets of dried mud, clay, and volcanic ash. It is hard, brittle, and smooth to the touch. This unique layering of fine-grained earthen materials comes in a variety of colors and textures. A swirling palette of blacks, blues, reds, dark grays, and warm coppers make it the ideal stone to create a natural-looking floor, wall, or backsplash – indoors or out.

Slate has long been used as a roofing material thanks to its low water absorption levels and high durability. For this reason, slate remains a firm favorite amongst building contractors.

Bluestone Pavers

Bluestone is a natural Stone Paver made of hardened volcanic stone and mined in the United States. It is extremely durable and resists damage both from extreme weather and environmental stress so it can be utilized under even the most challenging conditions. As such, bluestone pavers are a fantastic commercial paving option that will last for years. Bluestone pavers can also make a glamorous and durable addition to any courtyard or terrace. They are the perfect all-rounder.

Grass-Turf Pavers

Turf and grass pavers, or turf blocks, are hollow pavers used for the construction of permeable pavements. They are installed using plastic or concrete grid systems, or soil enhancement technologies. One benefit of installing Grass-Turf pavers is that they have open cells for grass growth. This allows drainage of rain water back into the ground soil, rather than going into driveways. If you’re looking for a porous and eco-friendly substitute to garden slabs, then turf pavers might just be perfect for you. These pavers can be used on driveways, parking areas, roofs, walkways, and sloped areas (a great way to prevent erosion).

Limestone Pavers

If you would like your yard to have an eye-catching design or curb appeal, limestone pavers can be the way to achieve this. Limestone is a carbonate sedimentary rock that is comprised of some combination of minerals, crystals and grainy deposits from marine organisms like coral. Limestone pavers are incredibly long-lasting, and will not wear down overnight. They are sturdy, dense, durable, and come in a beautiful array of colors. This textured stone is an extremely popular option for garden paving thanks to its natural effect. Plus, limestone’s anti-slip properties make it ideal for the garden or poolside.

Sandstone Pavers

Sandstone Pavers are incredibly versatile, porous stones. They allow the percolation of water which means that they can store large amounts of water. Some of the benefits of choosing Sandstone Pavers are that they are easy to install, durable, strong, come in a wide range of colors, finishes, and dimensions. Sandstone is a popular choice for patios and garden paths but can be tailored to fit almost any design, whether contemporary or traditional. Sandstone pavers are equally effective in a commercial setting- and are a popular option for town and city streets and squares.

Cobblestone Pavers

Cobblestone are small, round stones commonly used for paving streets and roads. A cob simply refers to a rounded lump, not a particular stone. They are available in a large range of colors, sizes, and quantities. When you select Cobblestone, you have the choice to create many design options to suit your driveways, pool decks, walkways, and other landscaping projects. They are typically set in mortar with a binding agent to create roads, driveways, and paths. This construction is highly durable and is well-loved for its textured appearance.

Travertine Pavers

Travertine is a type of terrestrial limestone formed in underground rivers and streams, giving the stone its distinctive, smooth yet porous surface. They have a fibrous and concentric appearance, somewhat like a honeycomb. The feeling is peaceful, tranquil, and serene. Travertine pavers are perfect for pool surrounds, patios, or for resurfacing a concrete deck. This beautiful stone comes in a variety of grades and qualities to meet every budget. Travertine pavers should have an abrasive hardness of at least 12 when used for commercial floors to ensure that it is sufficiently durable.

Granite & Stone Pavers

Granite is a natural stone that offers a wide range of beautiful naturally occurring compositions and colors. Granite is cut from granular and crystalline rock, making it extremely dense, hardwearing, and durable. Granite and Stone Pavers can provide a long-term solution for anyone who wants their pavement to last for many years. A granite patio is sure to add that added element of luxury to any space. Perfect for garden paths, patios, and outside dining areas. Highly polished granite will maintain it’s brilliant look for many generations.  

Concrete Pavers

Concrete pavers are typically used to pave driveways, walkways, patios, and other larger surfaces. Pavers tend to be installed without any grout between the joints. Instead, they are installed over a base of compacted soil or sand and then act as a permeable surface that water can pass through. Concrete  pavers are extremely versatile and come in a variety of sizes, finishes, and colors.. Their durability, easy repair, maintenance, weather resistance, and cost efficiency make them a popular choice. And of course, they give your home the glamorous look you’ve always dreamed of.

deco drain sarasota fl five star brick pavers

Deco Drain

Deco Drain: Functional and easy to install, the Deco Drain is a one-piece patio drainage system made of reinforced PVC. These installations can be placed anywhere where water needs to be redirected and carried away. These simple drainage systems are typically used in residential settings as part of pool decks, driveways, and patios. Deco Drains are also suitable for light-grade commercial use because they are robust, resist wear and tear, and are completely non-corrosive. There’s no need for right or left fittings, and the Deco Drain’s flat contour means that it will always fit against any wall.