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Top Deco Drain Uses

Deco drains are great solutions for pool decks, backyards, driveways, and more. A deco drain carries away the water from the pool deck, and anywhere else it has collected. You can direct it somewhere else, like a drainage area, lawn, or even garden. Here are the top ways to use deco drains. When you’re ready or have questions, call Five Star Brick Pavers of Sarasota, FL to get your deco drain project done today!

What’s a Deco Drain?

deco drain sarasota fl five star brick paversAlso known as Deck-O-Drain, it is a drainage system made from tough and durable PVC. The system is resistant to corrosion and protects your deck and patio from water damage.

There’s no need for left or right fittings since the system features a non-directional design. Additionally, it has a flat contour profile. The feature makes it possible to fit the system tight against every wall.

You can use a Deck-O-Drain as a screed rail to guide the leveling tool as there’s no deep excavation required.

Pros of a Deco Drain

  • Made from tough, durable PVC material
  • Effective and easy to install
  • Can be used as a screed rail
  • Non-directional design thus no need for left or right fittings
  • Flat contour profile
  • Can be used on pool decks, driveways, patio, etc.

Where Can Deco Drains Be Used?
Around the Pool

deco drain pool sarasota fl five star brick paversJust because the pool is almost always filled with water and located outside where it rains doesn’t mean it’s exempt from water damage.

Pool decks are prone to water damage. When you swim out of the pool, you drag along some water. That plus the chemicals in the water can cause fading, damage, and sometimes even stain wooden decks.

Deco drains protect pool decks from damage from both the rainwater and water from the pool. Additionally, if flood water has no drainage, it may deposit soil sediments in the pool, causing unbalanced chemistry in the pool water.

Moreover, you don’t want your pool deck slippery because of the water that has collected.

Backyard? Yard Drainage

water on a concrete path five star pavers sarasota fl deco drainsLack of a drainage system in your yard or an improper one can be a frustrating outdoor issue that you have to deal with.

Every homeowner wants a yard that’s usable and with an aesthetic appeal. But if whenever it rains, your lawn turns into a swamp, and by the time it dries, the rains are almost due again; you might never enjoy having a lawn.

Additionally, you’ll most likely keep worrying the water might find its way into your house. A deco drainage system collects the water and directs it somewhere else. You won’t have to worry about muddy tracks, mower ruts, or water getting into your basement.

As a Landscape Drainage System

If you have landscaping in a low-lying area on your property, chances are, it’ll collect water as it flows downhill. The problem is, you might end up with stagnant water, muddy and soggy ground from the excess surface water, or even an eroded ground.

However, you can use a deco drainage system for yards or landscaping, such as:

  • Stormwater retention
  • Parking lot drainage
  • Channel drainage
  • Yard drainage
  • Patios and Driveways Drainage

If your patio is wooden, it’s prone to warping, rotting, and mold when exposed to water. Sometimes, there’s nothing you can do about rainwater splashing on the wood.

Also, your driveway may not warp as it’s made from concrete but can collect water and become.

To prevent this from happening, you’ll need a water drainage system. It drains the water, preventing it from collecting on your patio and driveway.

The deco drainage system is not only corrosion-resistant but also made from durable PVC that’s long-lasting. This way, your patio can remain dry and free of mold.

Cons of a Deco Drain

  • Plastic is prone to thawing or freezing during extreme heat and cold
  • Might get blocked by debris
  • Ready To Take Care of Your Drainage Problem? Get a Deco Drain

Water is beneficial, but it’ll do more harm than good if left to collect on your pool deck or backyard. From encouraging the growth of algae and mold to warping your wooden patio and attracting mosquitoes, you need a drainage system.

Luckily, the deco water drainage system is easy to install, corrosion-resistant, and made from long-lasting PVC. If you’re looking to install a drainage system, this one is an ideal choice for all your pool and landscaping needs.

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