Tumbled Paver Driveway

Tumbled Paver Driveway

The following shapes are currently available tumbled:

  • 4×8 – 60mm
  • 6×9 – 60mm
  • 8×8 – 60mm
  • Euro Cobble – 60mm
  • Bullnose Coping – 60mm

The antiqued appearance of our tumbled brick paver line emanates character suggestive of old European roadways.

They allow for gentle curves and winding pathways eliminating the need for cuts. The rustic, aged appearance adds to the ambiance of landscaping designs.

Tumbled pavers are well suited for pedestrian or light vehicle traffic, residential brick driveways, as patio stones, and for swimming pool decks.

Call your Sales Representative for any other shapes you might need tumbled.

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